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Code of Conduct

All individuals and organizations granted permission to use the ACTIVE Center on a one-time or continuing basis are expected to follow the Code of Conduct. Violations may result in the denial of future requests.

  • No food or drinks (other than bottled water) are permitted.
  • All trash must be removed or placed in the waste bin , and the room must be left in a neat condition.
  • The center portion of the front whiteboard (between the tape lines), where the projector display appears, must NOT be written on, so that we can preserve this area for a high-quality projection.
  • The projector, monitors, and lights must be turned off after using the facility.
  • The light pens for the BrightLink projector must be turned off (position “0”).
  • If the batteries for the light pens are low (or dead), they should be charged for the next person.
  • The doors must be locked when you leave. Students and TAs should NEVER be permitted to use the room without an approved faculty member present.
  • All whiteboards must be erased at the end of the class or session.
  • The tables and chairs must be returned to the standard “pod” configuration. See seating charts and pictures.
  • Individuals who have reserved the ACTIVE Center but find that they will not need it on a given date must notify the ACTIVE Steering Committee on a timely basis (at least one week prior to the cancelled event, unless unavoidable last-minute circumstances arise).